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Jack The Dog

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  White River 50 Mile Endurance Run
  Saturday, July 27, 2019
  Crystal Mountain, Washington

Presented by:

2012 WR50: In Memory of Jack The Dog

A Pacific Northwest trail running pioneer will live on in the thoughts and memories of us all.

Posted on Facebook:

Trisha Steidl: Jack was the best. I've been running with him almost the entire time I've been a runner! Miss you Jacko!

Dusty Robinson: So Sorry!

Laura Houston: So sorry, Scott! happy running Jack!

Walter Duncan: Sorry to hear it. I loved running with Jack.

Angela Lindbo: A sad day! I'm glad I got to know and share some miles with the wonder dog.

Kate O'Leary: So sorry to hear... xo

Paul Gibbons: Jack is a great dog, that will be missed at the BBQ's for sure. Lot's of great times with him, and he made a terrific companion. Best wishes to the family while remembering him.

Chase Mueller: Jack was an amazing runner and the perfect match for you and Leslie. Sequoia and him are running free again. Send you my sincerest condolences. I know what a loss this is. Thinking of him and the mornings at SRC.

Michael Lacombe: Scott, tough time! Cherish the memories of the miles and companionship you and Jack share. Truly man's best friend!

Arthur Martineau: He was a good dog.

Jonathan Benard: Sad, sad day. Jack was such a great dog and a good friend to all of us in the running community. He helped define SRC, too! RIP Jack (Run in Peace)

Tom Savelle: Oh no! Sorry for your loss Scott.

Joseph Tompkins: Bummer Scott. Revel in the great times with the best running partner...sorry.

Steve Smucker: damn, and he was such a good house guest.

Laurie Arnold: Oh, lovely, lovely Jack... He is no doubt running around with Woody and Zebbie in that place wherever the coolest dogs go...

Ken Michal: So sorry for your loss!

Sophie Speidel: I also have an Aussie named Jack, who loves to run trails with me too. They are wonderful, loyal friends. So sorry fr your loss.

Jeffery Rogers: Embrace your memories! You don't have to lose all of your friend.

Mike Rouse: Sorry to hear, Scott. I know what a good dog means to a man...

Doug Nelson: Scott, as you have been an inspiration to many, so has Jack! You inspired us to get an Aussie...Axel and I will run in his honor for many years to come!

Luisa Lopez: Sorry for your loss.

Renee Lamoureux: :(

Eric Bone: Jack was a great companion, on and off the trails. I always felt happy to see him. I'm sorry for your loss.

Don Young: :(

Maria Nelson: I'm so sorry Scott, for you and the family. :(

Steve Loitz: RIP Jack

Shila Costello: So sorry about your dog, Jack. I know how hard it is to lose your faithful companion. Give my best to the family!

Rebecca Wallick: I'm so sorry. Jack was The Man; my malamute girls adored him, as did all the other dogs and humans he met. He'll forever be chasing your heels down life's trails. Lucky Jack to have you all for a family, lucky family to have had Jack in your lives for so long.

Allen Skytta: I know I wasn't supposed to but I used to sneak him bits of lunch meat at the store. It seemed to make him happy.

Allison Moore: Sorry to hear! Good dog thoughts coming your way....

Holly Goodwin: You had a wonderful dog! Truly sorry for your loss. I loved saying hi to him at your races. He always knew where you were as he watched the runners.

Phil Kochik: Jack never got enough credit for making Seattle Running Company the best running shop in Seattle, he was the best big dog ever

Cindy Tsuji: Sweet sweet Jack, RIP. my baby Blue will be welcoming you across rainbow Bridge to romp and run on trails forever. Sending hugs and strength to you and the family. Xxoo

Tonya Olson: So sorry for your loss, so sorry

Tim Smith: Sweet Jack will be missed

Karl Meltzer: We'll miss you Jack! Say hello to Binger for me.

Max Ferguson: I'm honored to have met him. He has been a part of more trail running lore than almost any other being on the planet. At home on the trails, at home in a shoe store. RIP Jack, keep the trails warm for us.

Ali Livengood: We loved that dog! And he did inspire us, just like you inspire us. Happy trails to your loyal Jack!

Barb Blumenthal: Sad day:( Obviously he was loved by many.

Tatiana Salazar: ohhh so sorry Scott ....

Summyr Widmann: Scott and Leslie, please know that Im thinking of you guys..... Jack was truly an awesome , amazing dog and such a huge part of your family he will be missed. I love the story you once told me Leslie about him attacking a dog that was hurting some little old ladies dog at greenlake....Jack was so keenly smart!

Dusty Olson: How is Lewis taking it?

Tina Farley: Leslie and Scott -so sorry to hear about Jack. I know he was such a dear family member.

Mary Hanna: So sorry to hear the news, Scott and Leslie. Jack was a special dog, indeed.

Krissy Moehl: The first dog I ever ran trails with and created my love for Aussies. RIP good guy. Peggy Lewis Moehl (MA) and I both send our thoughts for that awesome runner.

James Varner: He will be missed!

Brock Gavery: Respect

Jennifer Hanseler: RIP

Adam Braddock: Sorry to hear Scott. Jack was the champ among champs, they don't get any better. Will be thinking of you and Leslie.

Taylor Barrett: Scott and Leslie; I'm so so sorry. Losing a dog like Jack is losing so much more than a pet, it leaves a void of energy and love. Remember all the time you all had together, and know that Jack had one of the most incredible and enriched lives a dog can have. It's life's greatest fault, that man and his best friend only spend a fraction of their lives together.

Sabina Havkins: Scott and Leslie..My condolences. he will be running in heaven with Bahnjie

Debbie Horton: So sorry for the loss of a family member, trail runner and companion. Great pic!

Shannon Bundy: Scott, sorry, but I'm not sorry. I'm not sorry that Jack had the best life that anyone could hope for, full of love, companionship, FOOD, exercise, etc... I'm not sorry that you, your family & friends got to know & love him so, not sorry that he lived to the ripe old age of ???? I am sorry that your family has to deal with the grieving of his death, but it makes me happy to know that he is probably running in the mountains with Nbo, pain-free.

Uli Steidl: Jack was the best! Wherever Scott was, Jack was never far away. Jack loved to run, and got to run in places most other dogs don't. That's because Scott followed the Bush doctrine when it came to taking Jack on the trails: Laws and regulations only apply to those who obey them. Lucky dog!
Oh, and then there was the time when Scott, William Emerson, myself, Jack and a few others ran on Tiger Mountain in the winter. Jack was all wet and muddy and filthy after 3 hours on the trail, so we brought him to the pond near the High Point Way exit. Scott threw a stick in the water for Jack to retrieve (and get clean in the process), but Jack wasn't interested. So William took off all his clothes except for his shorts, jumped in the pond and retrieved the stick with his mouth. "I have to help out my buddy Jack here!!!!"

Hal Koerner: I will always remember that lady freaking out at that Restaurant in Greenwater when Jack drank out of her plastic cup, and then when she scolded us, Jack gave her an eyeful of his, err manhood. That and his countless miles of devotion.

Gayle Bluhm: Jack was the most amazing dog I have ever known. It breaks my heart to lose him, but he had an absolutely perfect life with all of you. He was very lucky to have people around him like he did. Always thought of Jacko as my other nephew...he was truely family and will be missed.

Christine Ballard: A wonderful dog who will be missed - we the trail dog runners send our heart out to you at this sad time

Boo Turner: Sweet pup... i remember when Jack was our office mate!

Loren Hill: Sorry, Scott. It won't be the same to not see Jack @ WR. Embrace the great memories!

Marie Figgins: sorry for loss scott! thinking of you guys!

Marlis DeJongh: Oh, Sweetest Jack. RIP. Sending love to you all.

Bjorn Begelman: Best co-worker I ever had! You will be missed Jack...

Bill McCoubrey: Jack was the best dog ever. We had lots of great times together. I will miss my Granddog!!

Gideon Seraphine: I am so sad to hear this- Jack was truly a great & lovely being...

Rasmus Teilmann: I'm very sorry to hear that Jack passed on, Scott. He was a wonderful dog, and a lucky dog to have been part of your family. I have a feeling that Jack had more fun adventures than most people will have in a lifetime. Cherish the memories!

Linda Barton: So sorry, Scott and Leslie. Dogs are pure joy and we're lucky they share it with us. Hugs.

Cheri Pompeo: I will miss Jack too. I remember when he caught me in a compromised position on Middle Tiger. That gave me time to put myself back together before you arrived.

Regan Pasko: Best trail dog ever. I was just going through some pics from a large group run out of Greenwater from nearly a decade ago and of course Jack was there.

David White-Espin: Recognizing Jack before seeing Scott always made my run. Jack will truly be missed.

Sonia Lothrop: I'm so sorry to hear about Jack.... He definitely had a great life with you guys!!!

Patrick Niemeyer: Very, very sorry to hear this news.

Nikki Kimball: Scott and Leslie, I'm so sorry. It's tough watching our four-legged running partners age and pass on. Jack's had a great, adventurous, loving life. My pups and I send our sympathy.

Don MacLane: Scott, sorry to hear about Jack. He really was amazing. An "everywhere pooch"... he seemed as relaxed on the trails as he did in the store. Your family and Jack seemed a perfect match. Cherish the experiances and memories.


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