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  White River 50 Mile Endurance Run
  Saturday, July 27, 2019
  Crystal Mountain, Washington

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Aid, course, and rules


Below is a text description of the course used since 2001. Click here for a course map (1-megabyte JPEG file). Other useful maps include Green Trails maps #238 (Greenwater) and #239 (Lester).

1st Half:
(1) Start on the North side of the Buck Creek airstrip.
(2) Head east along airstrip rd.
(3) Turn left at end of airstrip, heading toward the White River, over mounds of dirt.
(4) Head back West down the Skookum Flats tr. (1194).
(5) Cross over Buck Creek bridge and cross Hwy. 410.
(6) Head east down the Dalles tr. (1199), along the North side of Hwy. 410.
(7) Continue past Camp Shephard.
(8) Turn right up the Palisades tr. (1198).
(9) Continue climbing past Ranger Creek cabin on Dalles Ridge tr. (1173).
(10) Turn rt., continuing up switch backs, on Noble Nob tr. (1184).
(11) Stay on Noble Nob tr. (1184) all the way to Corral Pass rd.
(12) Head back to the Ranger Creek cabin the same way you went out.
(13) Turn left immediately after the cabin, heading down, on the Ranger Creek tr. (1197).
(14) Turn right, heading west, on Dalles tr. (1199) briefly.
(15) Cross back over Hwy. 410 at Buck Creek bridge.

2nd Half:
(16) Turn left into parking lot immediately after crossing bridge.
(17) Head East on Skookum Flats tr. (1194).
(18) Head back out to airstrip, over dirt mounds, and follow road around to south side of airstrip, heading West.
(19) Turn left off of rd. onto the Sun Top tr. (1183).
(20) Stay on Sun Top tr. all the way to top of Sun Top rd.
(21) Head down Sun Top rd. (FS rd. 7315).
(22) Turn right at bottom of Sun Top rd. on FS rd. 73.
(23) Just before bridge, turn right, heading East on the Skookum Flats tr. (1194).
(24) Turn rt. on Buck Creek rd.
(25) Turn left staying on north side of Airstrip back to start.


Click on the image below to see a larger version of it.
course elevation changes


Click on the image below to see a larger version of it.
course elevation changes


2004 Male Winner: 0:28:05
2004 Female Winner: 0:31:30
*10hr. Pace: 0:45:00
*12hr. Pace: 0:57:00
*Approximate splits needed to run the course in 10 or 12 hours, respectively.

Terrain (Start to Camp Sheppard): This leg starts out with approximately 2 miles of open running around the airstrip, followed by a short section of wide trail. After crossing Hwy. 410, there are approximately 2 miles of rolling single-track trail.

Crew Directions: Leaving start area, turn left on Hwy. 410 heading west. After approximately 1.6 miles, you will see signs for Camp Sheppard on the right. Turn right into parking area. Aid station is up the trail a quarter-mile from the parking lot. Parking is limited so please space out according to your runner's pace.

Aid: Full service, limited food selection, energy gel, electrolyte drink, electrolyte caplets, medical. Crew Access: Yes. Drop Bags: Yes.


2004 Male Winner: 1:40:00
2004 Female Winner: 1:53:00

Terrain (Camp Sheppard to Ranger Creek): This leg starts with 1.6 miles of flat single-track trail. Get ready for the first hill in the course. Once the trail starts to go up it will climb nearly 2900 feet over the next 6 miles.

Aid: Water only. Crew Access: No. Drop Bags: No.

AID STATION #3: CORRAL PASS (MILE 16.9) - OPEN to crew in 2017.
Aid and Drop Bags will still be available.

2004 Male Winner: 2:20:25
2004 Female Winner: 2:40:56
10hr. Pace: 3:25:00
12hr. Pace: 4:02:00

Terrain (Ranger Peak to Corral Pass): This leg finishes off the last 2 miles of the first climb with 400 more feet of elevation gain, topping out at 5600 feet. The next 3.5 miles of beautiful ridgeline single-track trail borders the Norse Peak Wilderness area. This will be your chance to see how the competition is shaping up. Please yield to the faster traffic that is heading back to Ranger Creek.

Crew Directions - OPEN to crew in 2017.: If you are bold enough to rough the long drive on a curvy dirt road, you should be able to use a map. This is not a recommended crew stop, but you can access the aid station via the Corral Pass Rd. It is Forest Service Rd. 7174, approximately 2 miles east, on Hwy. 410, from the start.

Aid: Full service, food, energy gel, electrolyte drink, electrolyte caplets, medical. Crew Access: Not recommended. Drop Bags: Yes.


2003 Male Winner: 2:59:05
2003 Female Winner: 3:21:05

Terrain (Corral Pass to Ranger Creek): This section rewards you with a return trip along the border of the Norse Peak Wilderness area. Although the oncoming traffic should yield to the returning runners, please be cautious of the runners on their way out to Corral Pass. You will finish this section off with the first 2 miles of a 6.8-mile descent on single-track trail.

Aid: Water only. Crew Access: No. Drop Bags: No.


2004 Male Winner: 3:33:04
2004 Female Winner: 4:02:58
10hr. Pace: 5:09:00
12hr. Pace: 6:18:00
Cutoff time: 2:09 PM

Terrain (Ranger Creek to Buck Creek): Leave Ranger Creek heading down to the left. Do not head down the same trail you came up. This 4.8-mile section of switchback downhill running is a blast. Be careful not to burn all your downhill speed before the 2nd half of the course. There are lots of good falls on this section. Please pay attention to the crossing guard at Hwy. 410.

Crew Directions: Head back to the start area. The aid station is on the left, just after the Buck Creek Bridge.

Aid: Full service, lunch, energy gel, electrolyte drink, electropyte caplets, medical. Crew Access: Yes. Drop Bags: Yes.


2004 Male Winner: 4:15:43
2004 Female Winner: 4:59:59
10hr. Pace: 6:10:00
12hr. Pace: 7:33:00
Cutoff time: 3:23 PM

Terrain (Buck Creek to Fawn Ridge): After a nice flat 2-mile cruise through the woods, and a lap around the airstrip, you will start climbing up the Sun Top trail. Don't worry, it's the last hill on the course and it will only last 8.5 miles. Be patient on the first 2.7 miles of this climb because the sun can get hot on the switchbacks through the clear cut. After climbing nearly 1800 feet, you will be surprised to find ample food and drink when you pop out onto the Fawn Ridge road.

Aid: Full service, food, energy gel, electrolyte drink, electrolyte caplets. Crew Access: No. Drop Bags: Yes.


2004 Male Winner: 5:06:12
2004 Female Winner: 6:02:06
10hr. Pace: 7:38:00
12hr. Pace: 9:22:00
Cutoff time: 4:53 PM

Terrain (Fawn Ridge to Sun Top): After crossing the Fawn Ridge Rd., the trail continues to climb another 1000 feet during the next 3 miles. The false summit provides a great view of Mt. Rainier on a clear day. After a brief downhill, you will cross the Sun Top Road. Get ready for the last mile of climb to Sun Top. It is steep and hot, but the view is worth the effort. Take a minute to look at the unobstructed view of Mt. Rainier. You will forget the agony of the climb, and rejoice over the next 6 miles of downhill running. NO CREW ACCESS ON SUN TOP ROAD. This is a public road with a lot of weekend car traffic. The road is very dry and dusty. The dust from the car traffic is tough to deal with for the runners. Please resist the temptation to drive up this road for the good of all runners on the course. Bike access is allowed for viewing only. No crewing allowed.

Aid: Full service, late lunch for the road, energy gel, electrolyte drink, electrolyte caplets, medical. Crew Access: No. Drop Bags: Yes.


2004 Male Winner: 5:45:40
2004 Female Winner: 6:47:59
10hr. Pace: 8:52:00
12hr. Pace: 10:27:00
Cutoff time: 6:27 PM

Terrain (Sun Top to Skookum Flats): If you have good leg speed, you will want to take advantage of it. Make sure you have plenty of drink for the exposure to the afternoon sun and dust that kicks up from the occasional car. Stay on Rd. #7315 until the right hand turn onto Road #73, approximately 0.8 mile before the aid station. Just before the bridge crossing the White River, turn right onto the Skookum Flats trail. The aid station is just inside the trees in the shade.

Crew Directions: From start, turn left onto Hwy. 410 west. Drive approximately 5.0 miles and turn left onto F.S. Rd. #73 (Huckleberry Creek). Skookum Flats trailhead is on the left, 0.4 mile, just past the bridge.

Aid: Full service, food, energy gel, electrolyte drink, electrolyte caplets. Crew Access: Yes. Drop Bags: Yes.


2004 Male Winner: 6:32:43
2004 Female Winner: 7:45:21
10hr. Pace: 10:00:00
12hr. Pace: 12:00:00
Course closes: 8:00 PM (14-hour time limit for all racers)

Terrain (Skookum to Finish): This 6.6-mile section of shaded trail meanders through a beautiful section of NW old growth forest. The footing can be quite challenging due to the abundance of rocks and roots. The terrain is particularly tough to get through if your legs are spent. If you're feeling good, this section is more fun to run than any part of the course, due to the technical nature of the terrain. After the trail pops up onto the Buck Creek Road, the finish line will be approximately 1/4 mile to the right, near the start area.

Finish Line Amenities: Medical tent, snack food and drink prior to BBQ.


(1) No course cutting. This includes switchbacks descending from Ranger Creek, and climbing to Fawn Ridge.

(2) No pacers.

(3) No aid outside of established aid stations. This especially applies to the 6 mile descent on the Sun Top Road. There should be no car travel on F.S. Rd. #73 or F.S. Rd. #7315. Bike access allowed for viewing only.

(4) No crewing runners outside of designated crew access aid stations. Crews allowed at Aid Stations #1, #3, #5, #8, and finish. Aid Station #3, Corral Pass, is open to crew access in 2017.

(5) No littering on course.

(6) Always yield to the faster runners passing on trail, both from behind and on out-and-back sections.

(7) All runners must follow directions of crossing guard at Hwy. 410 road crossings. Cars will not be stopped.

(8) 14-hour cutoff times will be enforced from Buck Creek to finish. See above for cutoff times at each of the last four aid stations.

Race Director: Scott McCoubrey
PO Box 6210, Ketchum ID 83340
Email: scott.whiteriverllc@gmail.com
Refund Policy